Ordained to Officiate, Serving areas of CT and Fla

Ms. Ellie

"I have always wanted to perform weddings, but it was not until recently I was able to dedicate myself to actually pursuing the ability to officiate. I took steps to become certified through the Universal Life Church, specifically for the purpose of performing weddings, commitment ceremonies, and vow renewals. 

 I can't believe it's been almost two years since I performed my first wedding! Since then I have officiated at 80 + weddings (which include vow renewal and commitment ceremonies) and three dogs!

In my professional life I have attained a graduate level education, am a retired Air Force officer, and have worked as an adjunct professor at a state university. I also just retired (July 2018!) as a Director of Health, having worked in the field of local health and emergency preparedness. 

I have come to embrace the fact that life truly is too short, which is exactly why I chose to give back to others. Moving forward I would like to share in the joy of new beginnings and happily ever afters!"

I'm truly honored to be a part of your special day!  


Click to download my certificate, which recognizes myself as a member of the Universal Life Church and allows the provision to perform all duties of the ministry.