Ordained to Officiate, Serving areas of CT and Fla

What you can expect of me...

I vow to bring to your ceremony a professional quality service. It is an honor and privilege to officiate and legally wed all persons with indifference to race, age, or gender, who desire to express their love and commitment to one another. You can expect a smile and a willingness to performing a ceremony tailored to your expectations.

Please contact me with details pertaining to your ceremony including date, time, location, unique ceremonial practices, etc. Once  we confirm my availability,  I will forward a brief questionnaire and sample vows/verse to help me create the ceremony wording to reflect your expectations.  After all the details of the ceremony are clear, I will forward a "contract" in order to formally make an agreement for service.  I don't ask for a deposit as I trust that you are sincere in your request for services.

Many ask if my service is that of a Justice of the Peace.  For clarity, no I am not a Justice of the Peace (JP). A JP in Connecticut is a politically appointed position through a municipality and the Office of the Town Clerk. In Florida, a notary or Judge may perform your ceremony but they must follow state dictated wording and processes which limits their ability to personalize your ceremony wording.  I am ordained through the ULC ministry solely for the purpose of officiating. I am not a preacher but I am spiritual and believe in a higher presence and spirit of God. I am active in a local congregation but I am ordained through the Universal Life Church so that I am able to follow my passion and I'm privileged and ecstatic to be able to bring this to you! But yes, the service I provide as an officiant through the ULC ministry is legal in the state of Connecticut, Florida  and all states!  It maybe awkward finding your officiant through the internet, but I assure you, I am a real person, dedicated to providing a meaningful service that reflects your expectations. 

As an officiant I provide a non-denominational service. I vow to provide witness and affirmation of the commitment you make to stand together as life-mates and partners side-by-side.

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